How Do You Express Two Years of Gratitude?

In August of 2015, the five of us went to Nashville with a handful of songs and five days to make a record. Last night, July 13, 2017, surrounded by friends old and new, we hopped on stage in our own little corner of Philadelphia and celebrated not just the release of that record, but everything that's happened to us since those five hot summer days in Tennessee. We've changed in innumerable ways as a band and as people these past two years, and we are endlessly grateful to the folks who have supported us along the way.

These words seem a bit thin, don't they? The truth of it is, the best way we can think to express what this all means to us is to keep going, to keep creating and hope that you all come along for the ride. But for now, we'd just like to share a taste of the experience of last night, captured by the always amazing Caity MacLeod. While there are some excellent shots of the band in action here, our favorites are from when Caity turned the camera around and captured the people who made last night possible, who represent the people who have made the last two years possible. We can't thank you all enough.

Now then, let's keep going.