The corridors of a house are the forgotten areas when it comes to lighting. They are not easy to light because they are often narrow, dark or long. These spaces are however essential: well lit, they beautify your home, facilitate your movement or that of your guests and contribute to the general decoration of your home.

Let’s see the 3 essential points that you must take into account when lighting your hallway or corridor:

  1. How to adapt the lighting to the space
  2. How to distribute the light
  3. What temperature and voltage to choose

Understand the configuration of the house

To be able to choose the appropriate lighting in the hallway, you must guide your choice according to the configuration of the home : for example, prefer a recessed luminaire if the ceilings are low, and avoid chandeliers or oversized installations in narrow corridors so as not to reduce the space. In general, it is important to vary the light sources and favor luminaires that can distribute the light throughout the space.

Distribute the light

It is imperative to obtain uniform, non-glare lighting in hallways. To distribute the light correctly, vary the light points and place the luminaires in several places.

Placing them at a regular interval over the entire length of the corridor creates more than a passage area, it creates a setting that allows a path that is both safe and aesthetic.

In the event that your corridor is narrow, it is better to place them on the same side. If you only have a ceiling outlet, use a short suspension with a flared shade to allow better diffusion of the light flow.

Choose the right color temperature and voltage

To sufficiently illuminate the space and create a warm atmosphere, a light output of approximately 100 to 150 lux per m2 should be chosen .

10W Inline LED Recessed Spotlight. Mini Kardan Citizen. Warm White. Angle 30º

For indoor use. With a power of 10W. Attractive design that adapts to any decoration. High luminosity. Made of aluminum. It has a power factor of 0.95. High quality High Power LED. A lifespan of 50,000 hours for the chips and 10,000 hours for the Osram brand driver.

Recessed Light LED MINI, Tilting, 3W, Matte White. Warm White. Angle 60º

The 3W addressable COB LED downlight is perfect as ambient light or beaconing in interior spaces. It emits a brightness of 240 lumens, that is, the equivalent of a 25W incandescent bulb. This represents a saving of up to 90% in electricity consumption. Supports multi-voltage 85-265V AC. It is used mainly as decorative or auxiliary light in many indoor spaces, both in home and commercial environments. It is made of aluminum, has a long useful life estimated at 30,000 hours and has a two-year warranty.