""Straight out of the gate the song is an energetic romp exploding with garage rock riffs and boogie woogie piano. Even though the song title seems to contradict the band’s new name, it definitely announces to the world that these guys are stronger than ever and ready to kick some serious ass with their blazing rock and roll."" - Glide Magazine

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""Blusey rock has not made headlines since Elvis took over airwaves and our hearts. And while 2017 is proving to be a massive year for pop and hip-hop, Dull Blue Lights are shaking that notion. The release of their self-titled LP flawlessly blends together rockabilly, soul, reggae and that garage rock sound."" - Indie Band Guru

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""Muscle Shoals, the Sound of Philadelphia, a lost tune from Nuggets, combine them all together, and you get the Dull Blue Lights. "" - Audio Fuzz

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""Rather than further expand the “basement soul” sound they’ve established in other rocking recent releases such as “A Deeper Blue” and “Press Play”, Philadelphia’s the Dull Blue Lights let reggae and Motown undertones pervade their grooving new single.""- Pop Matters

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